Cloud Services

If you are transitioning to the cloud your data will be secure anywhere in the world. Dental IT services escalate your business to the next level with more reliability and efficiency. For dental office computer support, one of the tools that Xceltek utilizes for data protection and storage is cloud services.

Cloud services are one of the greatest needed technologies all over the world. Through this broad service, customers can deploy various types of services.  Xceltek provides customized dental IT solutions for all your dental needs. We help you by designing and installing servers, networks, and workstations, hardware installation and configuration, data backups and disaster recovery solutions, and more. We are the best in dental IT services. Check the benefits of dental cloud services:

Data Integrity

It is too difficult to protect data on a single platform. However, the cloud is completely different. You can go in and out from multiple ways and it is tricky as well. In the cloud platform with the authorization, it ensures two-factor authorization.

As compared with other data backups especially when we store data in physical devices. Cloud is more secure than that. The professional data centre should be 24 hour round clock security.

Easy Restorability
It is much easier as compared with other manual backups. It is quite easy for the retrieval of data.

Data Encryption

Cloud backups are encrypted data in multiple stages. In case your data reaches the thieves but is not possible to decrypt without an encryption key.