Penetration Testing

First and foremost, your organization’s primary task is to provide exceptional care to patients. However, it’s also your legal duty to protect and secure sensitive patient data and information with modern security protocols.

This means maintaining a secure network, managing risks, and regularly testing your network for any vulnerabilities. Cytek’s Penetration Testing for medical and dental practices identifies these vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can discover and exploit them.

Why Is It Important for Medical Practices to Do Penetration Testing?

Every healthcare organization must comply with HIPAA by protecting its patients’ electronic health information (ePHI) through administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

Through comprehensive penetration testing, the expert team at Cytek identifies any potential weaknesses within your system and attempts to exploit them as a cybercriminal would.

This approach can identify, document, and mitigate any vulnerabilities that may put your practice’s information at risk.

What is Being Tested and Analyzed?

At Cytek, our penetration testing experts look for potential weaknesses within your security infrastructure, including its network, systems, hosts, applications, and more. More specifically, we often test and look for common security gaps such as:

  • Weak Credentials
  • Security Misconfigurations
  • Outdated Systems
  • Poor Encryption
  • Firewalls Bypasses
  • Open Ports
  • Misconfigured Proxy Servers

Depending on your specific needs, we test various network components and use several attack methods to identify potential security vulnerabilities.

Why Choose Cytek?

It’s your responsibility to ensure your patient’s information is well-protected. Our approach to penetration testing utilizes the most advanced tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.

We know what to look for—and more importantly, we know how to detect and contain threats before they spread. Contact us to learn more on how to protect your data’s security.

A risk assessment helps reveal areas where your organization’s protected health information (PHI) could be at risk. Take our free online assessment and start protecting your practice today.

Getting your employees HIPAA certified is quick and easy with our self-paced, online training.